Research Paper

 “There should be no plagiarism. Attach a plagiarism report with 0 % similarity index

 Task 1:

 Any one of the below topics

 1. Cloud Computing 

2. Big Data Analytics

 3. Database Security 

4. Enterprise Architecture 

5. Data Warehouses

 6. Ethics in IT 

7. Web 2.0 

8. E-Commerce 

 The research paper must be at least 10 pages but no more than 12 pages.

 • The paper needs to be supported by evidence (citations from peer-reviewed sources). 

• A minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed journal citations are required. 

• No references should be more than 5 years old.  

Task 2:

  • Your PPT should reflect a summary of your Individual Research Report.
  • You should have 12-15 slides.