wireless security


rom Case Project 8-6: Lake Point Security Consulting:

“Lake Point Consulting Services (LPCS) provides security consulting and assurance services to over 500 clients across a wide range of enterprises in more than 20 states. A new initiative at LPCS is for each of its seven regional offices to provide internships to students who are in
their final year of the security degree program at the local college.

Pomodoro Fresco is a regional Italian pizza chain that provides free open wireless access to its customers and secure wireless access for its staff. However, Pomodoro Fresco is concerned about the security of the WLAN. They have asked LPCS to make a presentation about wireless attacks and their options for security. LPCS has asked you to help them in the presentation.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation for a fictitious company regarding wireless security. Carefully read the case project statement and step number 1 to ensure you cover all of the requested topics. Refer to Tech Republic Article about Powerpoint (Links to an external site.) for proper use of developing presentations in PowerPoint.  I expect to see:

  • a few bulleted items on at least one slide
  • at least one applicable graphics (charts, graphs, clipart) to make the presentation interesting
  • you should have an introduction slide
  • presentation about wireless attacks and their options for security
  • a conclusion slide
  • a slide for the list of your sources
  • total of 10 to 15 slides (includes Introduction slide, Conclusion slide and Sources slide)