Disaster recovery

Read the following article: “6 small math errors…

” http://www.cracked.com/article_19623_6-small-math-errors-that-caused-huge-disasters.html

Summarize / thoughts. For each error, please use a bullet and answer A. and B. A. Summarize in your own words each of the 6 errors that were due to math. Do not quote the text rather summarize the problem in your own words showing a complete understanding of the problem. Then, B. include your own thoughts on the error. Your response should be a series of bullets (e.g. a dot, diamond, or dash), with each bullet having an A) and a B). (24 points total possible). • First Error (#6) in article A. your summary of the error B. your thoughts about the error • Second Error (#5) in article A. your summary of the error B. your thoughts about the error

New URL / summarize / avoided. Find an article online that is specific to one additional major problem that is the result of a “small” error. A. Copy and paste the URL into your submission, for the first part of answering #3. B. Next, summarize in your own words the problem. C. Lastly, explain (again, in your own words) how this problem could have been avoided. Explain/provide detail – a general summary is not enough. Your response should be the three parts, A., B., and C. (8 points total possible).

Reflecting on all of these small errors that resulted in major problems (the link assigned, plus the one you used in #3), explain why you believe these may correlate ISM 310. Why the emphasis on the correct requirements? Explain clearly at a minimum, one solid example of why accurate requirements are so important to ISM 310. Be as specific as possible. Please do not provide a generic answer. (example of a generic answer would be “attention to detail is important to avoid making a huge mistake”). Your response will be a few sentences being very specific to ISM 310. To answer this, you may need to read ahead just a little understand what ISM is all about