What is the future of religion?

Week 2 Discussion

·250 words minimum; 2 scholarly references


Molloy, M. (2020). Experiencing the World’s Religions (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US). use this link to access the book:  https://savantlearningsystems.vitalsource.com/books/9781260813746

What is the future of religion?

Chapter 12 of the textbook surveys many factors which, taken together, are influencing the current path of religious expression, and will influence the future stretch, reach, and continuity of religion in today’s world.

Here are seven factors discussed in Chapter 12, under the heading of “Modern Influences on the Future of Religion.”

· Multiculturalism and Interfaith Dialogue

· Women’s Rights Movements

· Reassessment of Human Sexuality

· Science and Technology

· Science and Ethical Issues

· Secularism

· Environmental Challenges

Choose any two of these seven factors, the two that seem the most important to you.

Explain why you made the choices you have made, and how these two factors currently impact your personal and, if you so desire, your professional life. And how these two factors are likely to affect your religious choices in the future.

For example, let’s say you have chosen Women’s Rights Movements, because as a woman, you feel “called” to the Christian ministry, and yet the church you attend does not believe in ordaining women.   You face the choice of leaving this denomination, or fighting with those like-minded to effect change.