Summarize the ways in which citizenship is determined within this state in order to be considered a member of this nation.

However, you will need to use other sources for some additional information, as well as maps, pictures, and other images that are also expected to be included.  Be aware that you will need to provide a proper bibliographic citation for all sources (including the World Factbook) that you used for the assignment on a final “Sources” slide—this includes the sources of maps and pictures, etc.—so be sure to keep track of these as you complete the assignment.

As with the previous assignments, you will be expected to put all of the information requested for this assignment in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation document.  Once again, you must let the instructor know IN ADVANCE if you have any problems with being able to use this software. 

Your presentation must include the following slides with the information as specified below:

Slide #1The State. For slide #1, you should go to the “Government” section of the CIA World Factbook and find and report the following:

  1. Like the first assignment, your first slide must include your name and the various toponyms of the place (i.e., “conventional long form,” “local long form,” etc.). Note: If for some reason your place is not an independent sovereign state, then you should provide the name of the country to which it has dependency status. 
  2. Insert an image of the flag that represents the government of this place and provide a brief explanation of what its key elements represent (e.g., why certain colors or why certain symbols?).
  3. Its date of independence (if appropriate) and its national holiday.
  4. Toponym of the capital and at least one picture that illustrates some aspect of the cultural landscape of the capital. Include a brief caption to specify what the picture represents.
  5. Type of government and the number administrative divisions/units.
  6. Include a map that shows the territorial boundaries of this state and its capital.

Slide #2The Dominant Nation. For slide #2, you should go to the “People and Society” section of the CIA World Factbook and find and report the following:

  1. The name (as given in the English language) to refer to the “nationality” of the people of this place.
  2. From the “Ethnic groups” information provided (below “Nationality”), the percentage of the population that is specifically identified as being of this nationality. Then, calculate the actual number of people that this group represents by multiplying the current total population by this percentage.  Note: If this specific nationality is not included as an “ethnic group,” then use the information for the largest “ethnic group” listed, and be sure to give the name of this group.
  3. Summarize the ways in which citizenship is determined within this state in order to be considered a member of this nation.
  4. Using the information provided in the “Introduction” section of your place’s CIA World Factbook page, as well as information from other sources as needed, write a one paragraph description (at least 50 words) of this nationality and how this group came to be the dominant nation within this state.
  5. Include at least one picture that illustrates some aspect of the cultural landscape in this state that is specifically associated with this nation of people. Include a caption that briefly explains what aspect of the nation’s culture it represents.
  6. Brief summaries/explanations for at least 3 of the following additional elements about this nation:
    • The most common religion/spiritual faith practiced within this group.
    • The most common way of making a living.
    • Example of a particular type of food preference.
    • Example of a particular style of clothing preference.
    • Example of a particular style of music preference.
    • Example of an important cultural event or tradition.

Slide #3Ethnic Groups & Stateless Nations. Find information about at least 2 of the minority “ethnic groups” (i.e., “stateless nations”) that live within this place.  The “Ethnic groups” information in the CIA World Factbook “People and Society” section will identify some of these for you, but you may need to consult other sources for additional information.  For each group, include the following:

  1. The name of each ethnic group, its estimated percentage of the population in this place, and then calculate the approximate number of people in this group based on the current total population of the place from the World Factbook.
  2. Provide a brief description of EACH group (at least 30 words for each) that includes at least 3 specific examples of the core traits of the group (e.g., language, religion, phenotypes, etc.).
  3. Include at least one image for EACH group that illustrates an important aspect of it (e.g., cultural landscape, some distinctive cultural trait or practice, etc.). Provide a caption for each image that briefly explains what it is a picture of and why it is an important aspect of the ethnic group.
  4. Include a map that identifies the area(s) of the country with which each group is most strongly associated.

Slide #4: Political Geography in the News. Find and read a recent news article that discusses an example of a political issue in this place.  Write a summary of this article (at least 100 words) and, in the process, discuss at least 2 specific examples of concepts or issues from our course material that this article illustrates about the political geography of this place.  Add at least one picture either from the article or from another source that helps illustrate an aspect of this article and its connection with this place’s political geography.