What claims can you make about your topic and the Geographies of the Western World more generally?

Follow the specific instructions below. Please do not write a generic paper. Instead, divide your project into three specific sections that clearly, concisely answer the following questions.  

1) Introduction: (5 points)

Introduce your topic, describe the major/relevant issues and identify your research questions.

-What are you researching?

-What are the major/relevant themes/issues mentioned in what you’ve found?

-Why are you choosing to focus on it in this course?

-What are 3 questions you used to guide your research? 

Minimum Requirements: > 3 images

2) Annotated Section: 5 sources total (15 points)  

Cite and annotate (make notes about) 5 sources. List the source (author, date, title, journal, publisher, and URL if its a website), at least one source must be peer-reviewed!! Answer the following questions about each source: 

-What is the source about, or what is the author’s point? 

-How does this specific source contribute to your research? What did you learn from it? 

Minimum Requirements: > 7 images total, at least 3 must be maps or spatial graphics and at least one of those must be your infographic or map that you made.

3) Interpretation and Conclusion: (15 Points)

Finally, summarize what all of these sources says about your topic. Try to use examples, analogies, etc. directed at these questions:

-Having completed your research, what have you learned? 

-What does what you’ve learned have to do with themes, concepts or issues we’ve covered in class?

What claims can you make about your topic and the Geographies of the Western World more generally? What are the limitations of your study? 

Minimum Requirements: At least 1 graphic with a complete, well-written interpretation/conclusion.

4) Details

-Make sure to address the questions for every section.

-Points will be deducted for assignments that are late (see Recitation Policy document on canvas) or with links that do not work.

-You must both produce the academic content and achieve the minimum design specifications to achieve credit for each section: > 11 images (at least 3 maps).

-Everything you submit must be in your own words. Plagiarism and quoting or using images without attribution will result in a zero for the section, and might lead to communication with the OSU Office of Student Conduct.

-Sloppy grammar, spelling, design and formatting detract from your total score.

-Please feel free to ask questions if you don’t understand the assignment.