How do these geographies help create suspense 

Choose any film (placed in the US) and summarize it in just couple sentences then write about:

-how geography is produced through the film and how 

different environments are portrayed and how place and space figure 

into the plot or whatever is going on in the film

-how geographies are created within your 


-How are the various geographies in the text reflected in the 

landscapes depicted? 

– How do these geographies help create suspense 

or amusement or spectacle?

You can’t choose these films:



50 First Dates

A River Runs Through It

Bridges Of Madison County

Brokeback Mountain

Cars (all versions)

Cold Mountain

Crash (later version)

Dances With Wolves

Day After Tomorrow

Dumb and Dumber

Far and Away

Fast and Furious (any of them)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fools Rush In

Forest Gump

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Gangs Of New York

Hunger Games (any of them)

Into The Wild

Just Go With It

Last of the Mohicans

Legally Blonde

Legends Of The Fall

Lilo and Stitch

National Treasure

Notebook, The

Patriot, The

Pearl Harbor

Proposal, The

Rat Race

Sweet Home Alabama

Thelma and Louise

Twilight (all of them