What ideas and concepts are associated with Yi-Fu Tuan and Edward Relph?

Social and Cultural Geography:

What prominent figure was associated with the Berkeley School of Cultural Geography?

Understand and identify the ideas associated with the concept “cultural landscape”

Be able to identify various definitions of “culture”?

What ideas and concepts are associated with Yi-Fu Tuan and Edward Relph?

Who presented the term “glocalization” and what does it mean?

Be able to understand the debates on the relationship between globalization, place, and culture,

particularly David Harvey’s critical response

Bbe able to define the concept of “race”

What are the similarities and differences between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism?

Be able to identify the main religious regions in the world

What historical events explain the geographic divide between the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic,

and Protestant regions of Europe (and thus, the world)?

What’s the second most common spoken language in North America?

What religious-based event is implicated in significantly facilitating the transition to industrial

capitalism in Europe, and why?

The price of Bordeaux wine has exploded in recent years because of what? And is it because of

the value of what’s in the bottle, or something else?

Understand what is meant by the notion that “landscapes can be read like a text”

What is meant by the “socio-spatial dialectic,” and which scholarly figure is most associated

with this concept?

What is the study of semiotics focused on?

Understand the history of the American suburban landscape, its origins, its relationship to the

“American Dream,” and the ways in which it has evolved

We are often told that the predominance of the automobile and, by extension, the sprawling

suburban landscape in the United States, was merely the result of what Americans chose and

preferred – or, is there more to this story? If so, what?

What is meant by the “digital divide”