Why do leaders of some developing countries fear the loss of folk culture?

Part I: Essay questions (60 pts). See below. Write in a WORD document and upload it on Moodle which will filter it through VERICITE. There is no time limit on this midterm but plan on spending two hours total in order to give each question full consideration. Maintain academic honesty, see syllabus for statement about student code of conduct. Vercite checks for plagiarism. You can use your text book, ppts, and sources on the internet for ideas, but do not use quotes from articles or webpages. Use your skills of analysis and critical thinking and write with your own wordsDUE Sunday Nov. 12 at 5 p.m. UPLOADED ONTO MOODLE.

This assessment is to check for your ability to understand geographic concepts from the textbook and in how they look in the world. This is an open text book exercise. All the questions are derived from sections in Chapters 1-4 or in lectures and power points in class. Use your own words, do not copy straight from the text book.

Answers should be brief, 3-5 sentences. Each question is worth 6 points.

1. There are five themes of Geography:

· Place:

· Region:

· Location

· Movement

· Human and environment interaction

Write, in your own words, a definition of each theme as it relates to Human Geography.

2. A) Provide an example of Geographers explaining connections between human activities and the physical environment in terms of environmental determinism, and also for possibilism.

B) Explain what resulted from human actions in the Everglades and why this result is considered “Unsustainable Modification”.

3. India is predicted to be the most populous country in the world by 2030. Do you think they should adopt a One Child Policy similar to the one China implemented? Explain.

4. Summarize the main stages of the demographic transition, (include Stage 5).

5. What can you learn about a country from a population pyramid and how might that knowledge contribute to planning policies for the future?

6. Several million people have migrated to the United States illegally in recent years. Why have most of these people come to the United States?

7. What is ironic about the inhospitable climate for immigrants in Europe? (Think about Population pyramid of many European countries). Compare and contrast American and European cultural attitudes toward immigrants.

8. What is one of the major differences in the process of diffusion of popular culture compared to the diffusion of a folk custom?

9. Why do leaders of some developing countries fear the loss of folk culture?

10. Explain how Uniform Popular Culture can have a negative impact on the environment.